Disponibile La Second Patch Old Gen in FIFA 16

Di seguito vi sveliamo l’elenco dei fix. EA tramite un comunicato ci informa che è disponibile la seconda patch correttiva di FIFA 16 per le piattaforme fifa 16 coins PS3 ed Xbox 360.

This update includes general stability improvements and addresses the following items identified by the community and the FIFA Team:
1. Fixed an issue that could temporarily remove players from the friends list on Co-op Seasons.
2.Fixed an issue where a player could forfeit in FIFA Online Seasons without receiving a loss under some circumstances.
3. Fixed an issue that would cause a match to continue after receiving five red cards.
This update includes the following items in FIFA Ultimate Team:
4. Fixed an issue where Goalkeeper was the default selection for all Player Roles.
5.Fixed an issue that caused a shared concept squad to be displayed as a playable squad in the EA Sports Football Club news feed.
6. Fixed an issue that could prevent players from naming their club.
7.Fixed an issue in settings where the image of the ball didn’t match the selected ball.

Improvements to the FUT Transfer Market, including:
1. Added a toggle to quickly set the price values to the maximum or minimum value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market.
2.Updated the default value assigned to the Buy cheap fifa 16 coins Now option to the max value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market.
3.Improvements to Compare Price when used on consumable items.

Many of which are from the newly promoted BPL teams this season in this This update. New third kits have been added for Roma, Barcelona and Inter Milan.


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