FIFA 16 Changes to Scouting We Can See

This is an article focus on the changes of scouting in FIFA 16. Read it and recognize FIFA 16 Coins more. EA innovate their FIFA game for more gamer, no matter in the high quality of view, fast reaction for playing, we can see the difference.

For many years you place near Academy would only grow once a year on the st of May, this month if you quit the Academy before the first of May, you’ll easily entire year’s worth of growth, which is obviously not ideal likely that’s now changed. And you players grow month to month just like outfield players has got a few positive implications.

Firstly you no longer need to worry about holding on to you until the first of May or risk losing all their growth that alone. In addition, another important thing is benefit to in the economic base whenever you feel they are ready to decide whether you should promote them in SAV June or wait a whole other year guaranteed at me and said you cannot promote them in April. If you feel they’re ready something we would avoid like the plague before FIFA 16.

Next up is a small but important change we can now send scouts as soon as you hire them in earlier. You had to wait two days after hiring escape before you could actually use them until they were in transit in previous version. They are loaded into a box and ship by FedEx that delays now been removed in people’s FIFA 16 scouting as soon as the Scout joined. Your staff is out of minor change. But it’s certainly a welcome one and it means you can simply get on with counting as soon as you like, rather than having to hang around waiting for that’s got to arrive in the past. He wouldn’t be able to know your youth academy players overalls until they were promoted.

That made it difficult to know whether they were truly ready for the first team even if you have a player in the country for two seasons or more. At last, we always offer cheap FIFA coins, you can buy players with them.


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