FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Other Topics

What SIF, TIF, NIF, TOTW, TOTY, MOTM, UP, CHM and other abbreviations mean ? To learn the vocabulary used in FUT 16 Coins, please read our glossary.

P: What is DNF% ?
R: DNF% means “Did Not Finish Percentage”. This coefficient penalizes players who do not finish matches.

P: Can I play FIFA Ultimate Team offline?
R: Yes. It is possible to play FUT offline. The server update your registry the next time you get online.

P: Should I play against computer or online?
R: In the beginning it’s a good strategy to play offline. The prizes to online matches are better. Since FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, you can only play Seasons and Tournaments.

P: Which staff exist in FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: Managers, head coaches, fitness coaches, goalkeeper coaches, and physiotherapists. Know here what they can do for you.

P: If I have a gold squad, the staff, the items and the consumables should also be gold ?
R: No. What matters is the information shown in the cards. Generally, the consumables of a certain level are more advised to cards of that level. But it does not have to so. Learn more here.

P: The attributes of the players change over the game?
R: In general, no. But, if in real life a player play very well or very badly, EA could launch cards of that player with attributes revised (Up or Down). You can also increase the attributes of a player, just for one match, everytime you apply him a training card. If your club has head managers, the effect of these cards will be maximized. The same goes for the goalkeepers. Learn more FUT16Coin.

P: The star ranking / rating of my team also depends on the substitutes?
R: Yes. The rating of your team depends crucially of the eleven players who start the match. Still, it also depends on the players who sit on the bench.

P: I removed a player from my team. That means he was discarded?
R: No. To discard a player, you have to select ‘Quick Sell’. If you removed a player, you can go back and pick him again to your squad.

P: Can I share my squad so that others can see?
R: Yes. Just press ‘Share’ on the squad menu. Likewise, it is also possible to share your squad on facebook or twitter.



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