Blade and Soul Guide: PvE & PvP Combo Tutorials

Even if you have experienced it before, you should be able to find a tip to implement into your dungeon routine or PvP combo. Welcome to Dpsvip enjoy the Blademaster guide for Blade & Soul gold, this aim of this guide is for the player who want to reach a level of understanding beyond what one would call basic knowledge.

This class has a wide variety of attack and defense skills, making them a powerful force in the game. Generally, they rely on high attack speed to create high DPS. Blade Master is a well-rounded class that is easy to use but difficult to master, if you love to play DPS in the team, Blademaster would be your good choice at the beginner.
Avaliable Races: Yun Jin


*Powerful Defense skills, such as Block and Evade
*Can be A Tank with Aggro Traits
*High DPS, Damage output can be very bursty (great for fighting bosses that have little downtime and for PvP)
* Can protect party members from ranged attacks

*No party buffs
*Can only block attacks coming from the front and back
*Lots of damage comes from stationary lightning AoE, which can be avoided

PvP Tutorials:
As a general rule in PvP for most classes, you want to CC your opponent before you put out your damage. The same is true as a blade and soul gold Master. To maxmize your damage you must first know the duration of your own CC effects.

The opponent can “F” escape out of a Daze and a knockdown, but not a stun. To air on the safe side, with average ping 50-100.Opponent rolls or does ground counter.With “Rush” stun, you can chain CC, opponents F roll or his ground counter. Opponents usually F roll this. Chain CC this with your TAB daze.



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